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2020-2021 Student Handbook Updated Feb 2021

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Denver Seminary 2020-2021 Student Handbook (Revised 2.5.2021) 1 Welcome! Whether you are a new or returning student, it is a privilege to serve you as part of the Denver Seminary community, particularly during this complex season of life for our country and our world. Seminary is a unique and transformative experience and it is important to know that you are a critical part of a community founded with a distinct purpose—preparing men and women to engage the needs of the world with the redemptive power of the Gospel and the life-changing truth of Scripture. Fulfilling this critical mission demands that we each allow God to speak into and shape every area of our lives. Denver Seminary strives to be the kind of community where you can develop alongside the encouragement and resources of others on that same path. We hope and pray this transformative process allows you not only to develop holistically throughout your program but would create opportunities for you to actively contribute to our community by learning, serving, and leading inside and outside of the classroom. We seek to be a community grounded in Biblical Authority, believing the Bible to be the authority for our faith, study, and work. We also seek to be a community committed to Vigorous Scholarship, where we value truth above all else and we do not shy away from the difficult questions that can be found throughout the learning process. Thirdly, we seek to be a community dedicated to Charitable Orthodoxy, where our learning, work, and relationships are founded on the historic, core truths of Christianity. Fourthly, we seek to be a community committed to Redemptive Relationships, where we can learn from one another as we seek to love and serve each other humbly. Finally, we seek to be a community with a distinct passion for Global Concern. Since our founding in 1950, Denver Seminary has been unashamedly committed to bringing Christ's Gospel to communities around the world and valuing the rich diversity of God's people and Kingdom. This Student Handbook contains important and useful information for navigating your experience as a student in the Denver Seminary community. Please familiarize yourself with it because your enrollment as a student here is your agreement to abide by its policies, all of which are intended to foster and preserve the community described above. Again, welcome—or welcome back—to Denver Seminary. Amidst a challenging, tumultuous season of life, I hope and pray this academic year deepens your faith in Christ, clarifies your vision for ministry and vocation, and enriches your love for others, for your own joy, and for the glory of God! Sincerely, Dusty Di Santo Vice President of Student Life and Enrollment Management

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