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MEET MY MENTOR DEPTH & WISDOM Emmanuel Engulu introduces us to his mentor, Nancy Buschart. E so you don't have to be." That really has set me free. It set me free from having to have everything right, and it's allowed me to be more open, be vulnerable with Ms. Nancy and with other people. EMMANUEL'S MENTOR: MS. NANCY Emmanuel: A friend told me about Ms. Nancy. (I call her Ms. Nancy because I'm from the South.) I wanted to have her as a mentor because she's really wise and she gets into the depth of your issue. It's not just surface-level "how are you doing?" It's always deep and to the point. I walk away challenged. HOW BEING EMMANUEL'S MENTOR HAS AFFECTED MS. NANCY Ms. Nancy: It's wonderful to be able to sit with an individual and listen to his or her life, listen to the ins and outs, the ups and the downs, and see where God is at work. Emmanuel has been really fun because he's so teachable, so eager, so self-reflective. He is eager to do whatever work is ahead of him. Even without an agenda, he comes saying, "Here I am, Lord. What do you want?" To have the permission and privilege of sitting in that space with him is pretty wonderful. Ms. Nancy: Anytime a mentee brings a particular issue and gives you permission to engage with him or her on that issue, there is always the residual effect of doing that work together. The same questions that Emmanuel is asking and the discussions we have for his growth always, always, come right back and are a mirror for me in my own process of becoming like Jesus. Because Emmanuel and I have these wonderful, no-holds-barred, "let's just talk about it" conversations, I get the residual benefit of those for my own journey as well. WORDS OF WISDOM FROM MS. NANCY FINAL THOUGHTS Emmanuel: I struggle with wanting to be perfect. I want to be so much like Christ that I will put a burden on myself to be perfect all the time. One day I was talking to Ms. Nancy, and she said something I will never forget: "Christ was perfect so we don't have to be. When you do fall short, know that God Himself is perfect on your behalf Ms. Nancy: I think we're just beginning. We've just done one semester formally, though it feels longer. I think it feels longer because of how deep Emmanuel is willing to go—the degree to which he is willing to engage deeply. Emmanuel: If I had just one word about our relationship? Awesome! WHY MS. NANCY MENTORS The Training and Mentoring process depends on tightly knit partnerships between the Seminary and individuals from the community (people who are in ministry occupationally as well as those in other fields) who serve as mentors to students. If you are interested in mentoring a Denver Seminary student, please email EMMANUEL ENGULU IS PURSUING A MASTER OF DIVINITY WITH A CONCENTRATION IN THEOLOGY. HE IS CURRENTLY THE CHILDREN'S MINISTRY SPORTS AND RECREATION INTERN AT CHERRY CREEK PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. If you are a current student or mentor and want to share your story, please email ENGAGE  15

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