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Scripture's storyline is breathtaking, sweeping all the way from original creation to new creation in eternity. Early on, the first humans disobeyed God, becoming separated and estranged from Him (Gen. 3:1-20) … The story of Scripture is, therefore, a story of redemption. And the price of a human life is so high that only God can pay it. Dr. Craig Blomberg Mark Young, PhD PRESIDENT PRESIDENT'S LETTER Everybody loves a redemption story. Whether it's in our superhero movies, contemporary love stories, or the great classics of Western literature, redemption is a theme that draws us in emotionally and keeps us yearning for a happy ending. The plot of all redemption stories is basically the same: At the beginning of the story, life is good, but that doesn't last. The good life is ruined by something bad or evil, and life is no longer as good as it's supposed to be. Someone must intervene to rescue the situation, and a hero overcomes the evil at great cost in order to restore the good life. You know the story by heart. That's no accident. The Bible is a redemption story. It sets forth the story of all human history from beginning to end: CREATION—Life is good. FALL—Sin, evil, and death enter the story, and life is not what it was created to be. REDEMPTION—Because of His great love, Christ enters this fallen world and, at great cost, dies on the cross and rescues humanity from sin, evil, and death. REGENERATION—In Christ, there is newness of life and the sure hope that, one day, all creation will be made new. CONSUMMATION—Christ comes back to restore all things in the new heaven and the new earth. Isn't that a great story to live by? Sometimes we need to step back from the details of the Bible and not lose sight of its grand storyline. Redemption is the deepest longing of the human heart. It cannot be suppressed, and it cannot be satisfied by anyone other than the Lord Jesus Christ. Our joy, our privilege, and our mission is to live out and give voice to this great redemption story. We pray that this inaugural edition of Denver Seminary's Engage will inspire you to do just that. ENGAGE  3

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