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103 LEADERSHIP The leadership program focuses on developing, equipping and encouraging men and women to be effective leaders in the body of Christ. Embracing church, parachurch, and cross-cultural contexts of ministry, the department challenges students to broaden their ministry perspectives. Students are taught to understand and develop their own leadership style as well as to develop their own philosophy of leadership and ministry based upon solid theological, philosophical and leadership principles. Students personalize their curriculum by choosing classes from various specialized areas of ministry, focusing on their personal and professional development. LD 501 Theological and Theoretical Foundations for Leadership Focuses on helping students formulate a biblical foundation for leadership coupled with the latest research findings in the field of leadership practice and development. Examined are the basic functions of leadership required across different organizations and cultural contexts and helps students to discover their gifts, leadership style, and specific skills in leadership. MDiv students with a concentration in leadership should take LD 501 instead of PME 702. Offered fall semesters. Three hours. LD 511 Strategy for Leadership Development Helps leaders develop the philosophy, methods, and skills for identifying emerging leaders in diverse cultural contexts and preparing them to assume expanding leadership responsibilities. Students learn how to assess leadership development needs and examine options to meet those needs. Students will plan and execute a leadership training experience relevant to the leadership development needs in a specific organizational and cultural context. Suggested prerequisite: LD 501 Theological and Theoretical Foundations for Leadership. Offered fall semesters. Three hours. LD 521 Management for Leaders The purpose of this course is to enable leaders to develop and manage effective organizational structures with a focus on creative problem solving, wise decision-making, strategic planning, managing human resources, and providing administrative effectiveness within the context of organizational constitutions and bylaws. Suggested prerequisite: LD 501 Theological and Theoretical Foundations for Leadership. Offered spring semesters. Three hours. LD 571 Leadership Catalyst Designed to assist students in gaining a deeper understanding of the dynamics of leadership in church and parachurch settings, this course blends the head knowledge of leadership skills with a heart focus on the integrity and godliness that God desires for those who seek to lead in various contexts. Individual traits of well-known leaders are examined to help students better understand their approaches to decision-making, conflict management, cooperation, and communication, as well as the development of a shared vision and purpose. Requires attendance and participation in the Catalyst West Coast leadership conference held in various locations each spring. Students are responsible for their own travel costs and conference registration fee. Two hours. LD 601 Personal Life of the Christian Leader When leaders fail, there are devastating consequences in their personal lives, families, areas of ministry, and the community. This course examines the integrity and spiritual vitality required to

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