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116 professional leaders of wilderness and adventure programs. Knowledge and skills include experiential learning models; designing, setting up, implementing, and debriefing adventure activities; risk management; Christian environmental stewardship; incorporating spiritual formation activities; and effective outdoor leadership. Students can also expect challenging scenarios, opportunity for encounters with God, practice of spiritual disciplines, solo time, and character development. Reading and writing requirements will augment experiential learning. All needed equipment, clothing, food, and transportation are provided. Limited to twelve students. Prerequisite: OL 501 Biblical, Theological, and Philosophical Foundations of Outdoor Leadership or professor approval. Two hours. OL 670 Adventure Ministry Leadership and Programming A practical course designed to teach students about the theology, philosophy, methodology, and potential outcomes of adventure programming ministry. In addition to classroom-based instruction, students experience first-hand many of the adventure experiences presented, including ropes course participation, rock climbing, rappelling, sea kayaking, and backpacking. The class is not exhaustive but instead provides a general overview of adventure programming along with an in-depth look at a number of activities that are most effective and available. Two hours. OL 590, 690 Studies in Outdoor Leadership These course numbers are reserved for courses of special or one-time interest that do not otherwise appear in the catalog. Two or three hours. OL 591, 691 Individualized Study in Outdoor Leadership These course numbers are reserved for courses that are designed to free the student for independent investigation in outdoor leadership under the guidance of a professor. One to three hours. PASTORAL MINISTRY AND EVANGELISM How the Christian message can effectively be implemented is a problem which faces leaders, teachers, pastors, evangelists, and counselors in all phases of their distinctive ministries. The purpose of this department is to help students solve that problem. Three principles undergird all the courses: The church is the primary agent in the program of Christian outreach and nurture, there is no dichotomy between the thorough mastery of technique and prayerful reliance on the Holy Spirit, and edification must follow evangelism and mission. HOM 501 Sermon Preparation and Delivery Basic homiletics course for MA students. Each member of the class will preach at least once during the semester. Offered fall semesters. Two hours. HOM 612 Expository Preaching of New Testament Texts This is the foundational course in the study of homiletics. The basics of sermon preparation and delivery are emphasized. Building on that instruction, students will prepare and preach at least two sermons from different passages of the New Testament in conjunction with Greek exegesis. Corequisite: NT 612 Greek Exegesis of James. Offered spring semesters. Three hours.

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