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124 T/M 701/702/711/712 Mentored Spiritual Formation/Mentored Ministry Experience Students in the MDiv program complete these courses during the fourth and fifth semesters of the training and mentoring program. Each of these semesters focuses the process on a specific theme of relevance, utilizing one learning plan that integrates character and skill development in light of the chosen theme of the semester and each student's anticipated future vocational expressions. Students meet regularly with their external mentors, while selected colloquium sessions bring students together for the formation group aspect of the process. Prerequisite: T/M611 Mentored Spiritual Formation and TM612 Mentored Ministry Experience. Each T/M course must be taken in sequence. One hour each. T/M 713 Mentored Academic Project Students in the MA academic degree program with a major in apologetics and ethics, biblical studies, Christian studies, or theology write a learning plan to focus on professional development related to academic vocations in consultation with their mentoring director, and meet regularly throughout the semester with a mentor. Prerequisite: T/M 500 Introduction to Christian Formation and Training and Mentoring. One hour. YOUTH AND FAMILY MINISTRIES Denver Seminary is committed to developing leaders who have both the vision and training necessary for penetrating the contemporary culture. As this culture changes at a rapid rate, the seminary experience is designed to equip students with the theological, sociological and pragmatic tools necessary to develop their own programs to meet the specific demands of a given ministry focus. Relying on biblical truth supplemented by social science research, the youth and family ministries department seeks to enable every student to be effective in lifelong ministry to this vital ministry area. YFM 501 Foundations of Youth and Family Ministries A theological, sociological, philosophical and historical overview of ministry to adolescents and their families. Offered fall semesters. Three hours. YFM 502 Leadership in Youth and Family Ministry Investigation and evaluation of various models and styles of leadership. Overview of recruitment, nurture, and training of volunteer leadership. May also credit as a leadership elective. Offered spring semesters. Three hours. YFM 550 Contemporary Family Issues Introduction to the biblical and psychological foundations of family and family relationships. Various contemporary ministry models for adolescents and their families will be explored. Two hours. YFM 601 Evangelism and Discipleship in Adolescent Culture Investigation of various evangelistic methods and their contextual effectiveness. Includes a review of theology and principles of discipleship. Offered fall semesters. Two hours.

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