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49 Master's Degree Programs MASTER OF DIVINITY (MDIV) CURRICULUM The Master of Divinity degree program is designed primarily to prepare students for church ministries requiring ordination. It also prepares students for doctoral-level studies in many theological schools. As the standard ministerial degree program, its scope is sufficiently broad to equip students for varied church or mission vocations. The heart of the program is the core curriculum of required courses, se- lected in response to the demands of the work of ministry. The MDiv degree program consists of eighty-five to eighty-nine core hours and eight elective or eight to twelve concentration hours for a total of ninety-seven semester hours. Program Goal The Master of Divinity degree program prepares students to serve Christ and others in a wide range of vocational ministry contexts. The extensive study of Scripture, systematic and historical theology, and practical ministry, including a strong emphasis on training and mentoring, characterize the breadth and depth of the program. It is intended to fulfill the academic requirements for ordination as well as providing a solid theological foundation for ministry in either church or parachurch contexts. Upon graduation, MDiv graduates will possess the necessary knowledge, character, and skills to make a positive impact for Christ in a rapidly changing world. Core Curriculum These courses are required of all MDiv students (except where noted) regardless of the concentration selected. Course # Sem. Hrs. Biblical interpretation BI 501 2 Old Testament OT 511, 512 6 New Testament NT 511, 512 6 Church history CH 502, 503 6 Theology TH 501, 502, 2 hour elective 8 Apologetics and ethics AE 501, 601 6 Pastoral ministries PME 601, 602 1 , 701, 702 2 10 Homiletics HOM 612, 701 6 Educational ministry EM 501 3 3 Intercultural ministry IM 501, 611 4 4 Biblical languages Hebrew grammar OT 501, 502 5 6 Greek grammar NT 501, 502 6 Exegesis NT 611, 612, OT 701 4 9 Character formation T/M 500, 501, 601, 611, 701, 711 6 Mentored ministry T/M 502, 602, 612, 702, 712 5 Open electives 8 Total hours required for degree: 97 1 Students with a chaplaincy or pastoral counseling concentration should take CO 526 instead of PME 602. 2 Students with a leadership concentration should take LD 501 instead of PME 702. 3 Students with a youth and family ministries concentration should take YFM 602 instead of EM 501. 4 Students with an intercultural ministry concentration should take IM 795 instead of IM 611. 5 Those selecting a concentration in chaplaincy, intercultural ministry, justice and mission, leadership, outdoor leadership, pastoral counseling, or youth and family ministries may take OT 501 and 505 (which reduces the hours in the core by four so that the concentration hours may be increased to 12), or they may take OT 501, 502 and 701 (the normal Hebrew curriculum for the MDiv program), increasing the total number of hours for the degree to 101.

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