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79 Course Descriptions Course Numbering 500–599 First year or introductory graduate-level courses. 600–799 Advanced graduate-level courses, usually second or third year in the MDiv program and second year in the MA program. Term of Instruction The instructional year is thirty weeks in length which is divided into two semesters of fifteen weeks each (including exam week). Unit of Credit A semester hour of credit represents one (fifty-minute) lecture per week for one semester. Elective Courses Most elective courses earn two hours of credit. With professor approval and the completion of an individualized study approval form, they can be taken for three hours of credit. APOLOGETICS AND ETHICS This department equips Christians to better defend and apply their Christian worldview in order to extend the mission of God in building up the church and reaching the lost through apologetics, evangelism, and cultural discernment. Courses develop a coherent Christian worldview by which to live and minister authentically. AE 501 Defending the Christian Faith Trains students in the practice of Christian apologetics by equipping them to build a strong intellectual case for Christian theism as well as providing the tools to discern non-Christian viewpoints, such as naturalism, deism, pantheism, and postmodernism. Offered fall and spring semesters. Three hours. AE 550 Social Ethics Constructs a biblically rooted paradigm to apply to contemporary social issues, responding to questions such as: What would a Christian social ethic look like? Has the church anything to offer in the way of public policy? Can the church hold definitive positions on issues such as human rights, politics, economics, poverty, racism, sexism, homosexuality, and bioethics? Two hours. AE 601 Christian Ethics and Modern Culture Develops a basic theological and philosophical structure for Christian ethics, compares a Christian view of ethics to some non-Christian alternatives and applies Christian ethical principles of character and conduct to current social issues. May also credit as a leadership elective. Offered fall and spring semesters. Three hours.

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