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97 HISPANIC STUDIES Hispanic studies courses assist both Hispanic students and those of other ethnic groups in becoming culturally effective by both understanding the culture and social dynamics of this ethnic group and developing effective evangelistic and outreach strategies in order to develop transformational ministries within the community. HS 501 Ministering to Hispanic Communities An overview of the culture and ministry models among Hispanics, this course explores and evaluates different approaches in ministering to Hispanic communities, taking into consideration cultural and contextual factors that could undermine or boost any ministry effort. The course also encourages students to articulate their own philosophy of ministry in the Hispanic context. Two hours. HS 502 Hispanic Theology and Bible Perspectives Presents an overview of various Hispanic theological perspectives developed in recent decades. How these perspectives have influenced the reading and interpretation of the biblical text in the Hispanic church and community is also explored. Two hours. HS 503 Understanding the Hispanic Church Past and Present A survey of the history of the Hispanic church in the United States, this course presents the different denominational and nondenominational efforts that have given shape to the church today. Also explored is the impact of immigration on the formation and development of Hispanic churches. Two hours. HS 504 Leadership Development in the Hispanic Church This course engages the challenges of both the dynamic and mobility of the Hispanic church in the United States to develop effective leadership models for Hispanic congregations. Two hours. INTERCULTURAL MINISTRY Jesus commanded his followers to make disciples of all nations. Courses in this program facilitate the accomplishment of this vital task. This program (1) enables those who intend to remain in North America to become more culturally sensitive and to minister with competence among people of diverse backgrounds and ethnicity; (2) equips both prospective and experienced overseas missionaries for effective intercultural ministry; and (3) gives nationals from other countries skills to help them minister more effectively in their own contexts. IM 501 Introduction to Ministry in Intercultural Contexts In this survey of the church's missionary task, students are introduced to the biblical foundations of mission, its historical development, its socio-cultural context, and its methodological implementation, both overseas and in North America. Also considered are the elements of an effective missions program in the local church. Offered fall and spring semesters. Two hours. IM 511 Introduction to Missiology Designed to help students examine changing paradigms in missions, consideration is given to questions concerning missionary philosophy and strategy from biblical, historical, contemporary, and international perspectives. Offered spring semesters, even years. Two hours.

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