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99 IM 640 The Holy Spirit and Intercultural Mission Examines the unique role the Holy Spirit has played biblically and historically in carrying out the mission of the church. Students critique the emphasis in missions on signs and wonders and arrive at a balanced theology of miracles and healing. They are also introduced to the concept of power encounter and are given guidelines for dealing with demonized people. Two hours. IM 657 Liberation Theologies of the Majority World In this course, students explore the history and tenets of liberation theologies in the majority world, particularly in Latin America and Africa. Attention is given to the socio-political, economic, and ecclesiastical contexts within which these theologies have arisen and to recent developments occasioned by world events. Students are encouraged to interact constructively with these theologies and attempt to elaborate on an evangelical alternative that will meet the demands of justice and equality around the world. Two hours. IM 795 Intercultural Ministry Practicum This practicum is required of all MDiv students completing the intercultural ministry concentra- tion and MA students completing the leadership major with an intercultural ministry concentra- tion. The practicum (which generally takes place overseas over a ten-week period at forty hours per week) includes two distinct components: (1) at least 300 hours of hands-on ministry in- volvement in an intercultural setting for the purpose of skills development, and (2) at least one hundred hours of exposure to the specific kinds of issues and contexts that are typically part of the immersion experience included in IM 611. This practicum is directly linked with either T/M 602 (Mentored Ministry Experience II for MA students) or T/M 702 (Mentored Ministry Expe- rience IV for MDiv students). Details should be worked out with the coordinator of the program in intercultural ministry in advance of course enrollment. Two hours. IM 590, 690 Studies in Intercultural Ministry These course numbers are reserved for courses of special or one-time interest that do not otherwise appear in the catalog. Two or three hours. IM 591, 691 Individualized Study in Intercultural Ministry These course numbers are reserved for courses that are designed to free the student for independent investigation in intercultural ministry under the guidance of a professor. One to three hours. JUSTICE AND MISSION Poverty, injustice, disease, oppression and slavery, religious persecution, and many other issues are headline news on a daily basis. There is a clear biblical mandate to care for widows, orphans, the poor, the unloved, and the forgotten that live in our midst and around the world. Justice and mission courses will help students analyze justice issues through the lens of this biblical mandate. They will equip students to serve God through engagement in mission, which meets the needs of the whole person; spiritually, physically, and socially. They incorporate hands-on, practical training in a biblical and theological framework for transformational ministry, and provide the tools needed to make a difference and change the world.

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