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OT 512 Understanding the Kingdom of Israel and Its Prophets Explores how God involved himself in the life and politics of ancient Israel. This course surveys the history of Israel from the rise of the monarchy to the return from exile and the prophets during this time period. Includes 1 Samuel to Esther and Isaiah to Malachi. Offered fall and spring semesters. Three hours. OT 540-555 Studies in Selected Books Studies a book of the Old Testament in depth for exegetical and theological insights that speak to today's world. These courses are based on the English Bible. Two hours. OT 556 Kings and Leadership Combines a full range of exegetical strategies in interpreting key texts of the books of Kings as found in the Hebrew Bible and thereby provides a primary source for dialogue with the major models of leadership as represented in current leadership studies. The results will seek innovative means for deriving theological, ethical, homiletical, and practical dimensions in leadership as represented in Christian ministry. May also credit as a leadership elective. Two hours. OT 580–589 Center for Judaic Studies These courses of study are available to Denver Seminary students through the University of Denver's Center for Judaic Studies. Courses may not apply to the required electives for the MA degree (Biblical Studies/OT). Two hours. OT 641 Hebrew Reading Increases speed and comprehension in the reading of the Hebrew text. Prerequisite: OT 701 Hebrew Exegesis of Old Testament Texts. Two hours. OT 642 Literature of Israel's Neighbors Read in English translation the most important ancient Near Eastern texts for the interpretation of the Bible. Creation stories from Mesopotamia, treaties and instruction books of the Hittites, Egyptian journals, letters from Canaanite kings of Jerusalem and other biblical cities, David and the Temple of Jerusalem are discussed. Two hours. OT 647 Old Testament Social Ethics Many question whether the Old Testament is able to offer guidance for modern realities. The biblical text, however, has much to say about the character and lifestyles of the community that claims to believe and follow God. This course is an orientation for an appropriate use of the Old Testament in ethics today. Certain key ethical issues will be highlighted with the goal of interacting with contemporary problems in North America and around the world. May also credit as an apologetics and ethics elective. Two hours. OT 651 Reading the Old Testament from the Majority World New insights into the Old Testament are emerging from unexpected places. This course begins with an introductory survey of Old Testament studies from Latin America, Africa, and Asia. After examining contributions from different parts of the globe, these perspectives will be compared to recent approaches to the biblical text in North America offered by women, African Americans, Hispanics, and Native Americans. May also credit as an intercultural ministry elective. Offered spring semesters, even years. Two hours. 111

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