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Christian theology of crisis and the role spirituality and religion play in helping or hindering persons in crisis. Emphasis is on the need to stabilize clients during the first critical seventy-two hours of crisis. Various types of personal crisis such as suicide, domestic violence, addictions, homicide, death, divorce, health issues, and life transitions will be discussed and appropriate interventions taught and practiced. Offered every year. Two hours. CO 552 Marriage and Family Counseling An introductory course in marriage and family counseling which helps students acquire knowledge of relationship dynamics, assessment, and skills related to working with couples and families. The Christian view of marriage informs the consideration of the nature of marriage and family in contemporary society. Students learn specific approaches to premarital, marital and family counseling with an emphasis on the value of a systematic perspective, as well as specific and practical evaluation and treatment tools. Offered fall and spring semesters. Three hours. CO 553 Counseling Children Presents a brief history of theoretical approaches to children. Practical considerations and specific techniques are demonstrated and discussed during the course against a backdrop of the biblical material related to childrearing and parenting. Prerequisite: CO 503 Human Development and Counseling. Offered alternate years. Two hours. CO 554 Counseling Adolescents Discusses the unique needs and characteristics of adolescents in light of biblical material related to the development and maturing process. Lecture and demonstration are utilized to present techniques and approaches uniquely adaptable to adolescents and their needs. Prerequisite: CO 503 Human Development and Counseling. Offered alternate years. Two hours. CO 555 Addictions and Counseling Discusses the etiology, distinctives, and specific difficulties related to addictive behaviors. Group and individual approaches to the treatment of substance abuse and other addictions are presented. Attention is given to preventive strategies and therapeutic interventions to address substance abuse and other additions. Offered fall and spring semesters. Three hours. CO 557 Missions and Counseling Explores the growing area of the application of counseling and care ministries to mission contexts. The major focus is on supporting missionaries to fulfill the mandate of world evangelization. Attention is given to the training of nationals as counselors and counseling crossculturally. Models, skills, case studies, and resources are discussed. Offered alternate years. Two hours. CO 560 Brief Counseling Examines the philosophical base, strategies, and Christian implications of several models of brief counseling, such as problem-solving, integrated problem, and solution-focused. Attention is given to the practical techniques of each model. The use of homework techniques in therapy, including the use of cinema therapy, is addressed. Also discussed is trauma incident reduction as a form of brief counseling for trauma survivors. Prerequisites: CO 510 Counseling Foundations or CO 526 Therapeutic Communication. Offered fall semesters. Two hours. 91

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