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Marriage and Family Counseling DMF - Marriage and Family Counseling (MFC) increases students' effectiveness as marriage and family counselors. They also learn to multiply themselves by establishing a variety of programs, in Christian and non-Christian settings, to further healthy marriages and families. They learn to lead through teaching, training, mentoring, and discipling others. Students say, "I like how the professors took abstract concepts and helped us to use them in a practical situation." "Immediate impact on my personal and professional life." "Open doors to access more accurate utilization of Scripture in ministry to marriages and families." The Challenge: How to Be Effective in Ministry Leaders Lead Others Pastors and parachurch leaders must lead their people to do ministry if God's mission in the world is to be accomplished. Counselors must lead clients to do the things necessary for growth if counseling is to be effective. Our success is measured not in what we accomplish but in how those with whom we work make a difference in the world. To lead does not require a particular set of traits or skills. If it did, few could lead. For instance, what are the chances of a person having just seven specific strengths out of the thirty-four identified by the Gallup organization in twenty-five years of research? It is one in five million. So if a particular group of seven strengths were required to lead, very few people would have them. In reality, leading can be done from many different sets of strengths. We teach you to ask: "How can I use what I've got?" rather than, "How can I be what I'm not?" We teach that to lead, you must develop what God has given you. You need to grow but not try to be what you're not. Our program accomplishes two things. It helps develop your God-given abilities so you can accomplish more, and it helps you to glorify God by using your abilities to help others use what they've got. The key is to work with God. God can enable you to travel farther than your abilities alone can take you. Therefore, we offer seminars in spiritual formation to help you work with God. "For it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose" (Philippians 2:13). Page 4

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