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41 Academic Procedures REGISTRATION Students cannot be admitted to classes without proper registration, which opens on specified dates before the start of each semester. Registration closes after the first two weeks of the fall and spring semesters. Courses may not be added after this two week period. Students are as- signed a day and time to register online and they may register any time at or after this time. Summer registration occurs at the same time as registration for the fall semester and registration for the intersession occurs at the same time as the spring semester registration. Registration materials for the upcoming semester can be located on the MyDenSem link on the Seminary's main webpage. A late fee is charged if registration is completed after the published deadline. Students who reg- ister late risk classes being closed or cancelled. ADDING/DROPPING COURSES Degree-seeking students who need to add or drop a course after initial registration may do so by adding or dropping the course online. After the last day to add a course, courses may only be dropped by completing the appropriate form available online and in the Registrar's Office. Nondegree students are not able to add or drop courses online. For this group, a paper form needs to be submitted no later than Friday of the second week of the semester (fall and spring). An add/drop fee is charged for each group of transactions that is completed. Courses that are dropped within the first two weeks of the semester (fall and spring) do not appear on the transcript. Those dropped after the first two weeks but before the end of the eighth week are assigned a "W" (withdraw), which has no impact on the grade point average. Courses dropped after the eighth week (fall or spring) and through the twelfth week will receive a "WP" (withdraw passing) or "WF" (withdraw failing) grade. Courses dropped after the twelfth week (fall and spring) and before the last class meeting will receive an automatic "WF." A class may not be dropped after the last scheduled meeting day of that class. Courses may not be converted from credit to audit after the last day to drop with a grade of "W." Refer to the registration materials for a given term for academic calendar information on schedule changes. REPEATING COURSES Students may repeat any course in which they have earned a grade of "F" or "WF." Once the course is successfully passed, the passing grade alleviates the impact of the failing grade on the grade point average. The failing grade will still appear on the transcript but will no longer factor into the GPA. When a student has earned multiple failures in a course, only one of the "F" grades is replaced when the course is successfully passed. No course for which a passing grade has been earned may be repeated for credit.

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