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78 Special Programs and Sessions Traditional weekday class scheduling is supplemented with other delivery systems to educate and train students in all the fields to which God calls them. Block scheduling (courses taught only one day or evening per week) allow students under various constraints to acquire the preparation they need for their ministries. Online course offerings enable students who cannot come to Denver for an entire program to get a portion of their preparation done before they relocate. Blended courses are classes where a portion of the traditional face-to-face instruction is replaced with web-based online learning. INTERSESSION AND SUMMER SESSIONS January intersession offers a limited number of courses in a two–three week intensive session. During the summer, courses are offered in a variety of formats. Courses for two and three hours of credit are available in varied formats throughout the summer months. These are designed to afford a full semester's work in a student's program and are open to students in degree programs, visiting students, ministers, laypeople and all who desire professional competence and further study in the Christian faith. Admission procedures are simplified for nondegree students not working toward a degree. HOLY LAND STUDIES Denver Seminary cooperates with the Jerusalem University College in Jerusalem, Israel, to make available to students of Denver Seminary the unique opportunity to study in the land of the Bible. This is done by granting transfer credit for study at the college in areas applicable to the curriculum of the Seminary. Classes in archaeology, biblical geography, history of the holy places and of the church in Palestine, the development of thought in contemporary Judaism in Israel, the language of the Old Testament as spoken today, and the study of the Bible in its original geographic setting supplement the regular courses of the Seminary. For details, consult the registrar. STEPS OF PAUL/CHURCHES OF REVELATION Denver Seminary offers a travel course (two semester hours of credit) that traces many of the apostle Paul's footsteps in Turkey and Greece, making stops at many of the church sites mentioned in the book of Revelation. Students engage in directed reading and projects prior to departure to inform their experiences at the various sites. In addition to on-site responsibilities, students write a summative project/paper after the trip concludes. Emphasis is on the archaeology of the sites, geography, Greco- Roman culture, the study of parts of the New Testament in their original historical contexts, the history of Christianity and Islam in these places, and the cross-cultural and interreligious dynamics at work in the modern world. For further details, consult the New Testament department. STUDY IN OTHER EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS Seminary students are afforded the opportunity of studying at the Center for Judaic Studies in a program on Jewish history, life and thought sponsored by the University of Denver. Some of the course offerings are listed under OT 580–589/NT 580–589. Consult the biblical studies division for more information. Denver Seminary also offers cross-registration options with Iliff School of Theology. Consult the Registrar's Office for more information.

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