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All Seminars in the Leadership Track DMC - LEADERSHIP IN CHAPLAINCY CONCENTRATION DMC-801 Organizational Leadership: Effective Chaplains Lead from Where They Are (3 hrs; required for Chap concentration) Chaplains serve as servant leaders within secular institutions. This seminar focuses on understanding the institutional organization as a human system and the means by which the chaplain can leverage moral power and limited institutional authority to provide effective servant leadership from within the "chain of command." Students will develop a strategic plan to maximize their ministry leadership to "lead from where they are." DMC-802 Prevention: The Stabilizing Influence of Chaplaincy (3 hrs; required for Chap concentration) Chaplains work within both internal and external organizational systems. Because systems break down when people break down, chaplains work with the human side of systems to bring stability that enables the systems to accomplish their purpose. Chaplains deal with communication, collaboration, and personal need at all organizational levels to help prevent the breakdown of the human side of the organization. DMC-803 Restoration: Chaplaincy in the Time of Crisis (3 hrs; required for Chap concentration) Crises happen. Organizations break down. Whether it is a disaster to individuals, to the organization, or even a national mass casualty, chaplains are needed to help bring a sense of calm and cooperation by developing temporary procedures and systems to meet the crisis. Crises impact people. Restoration to a "new normal" requires people working together in new ways following the crisis. Chaplains help restore effective communication and cooperation needed to move beyond the crises. CHAPLAINCY INDEPENDENT STUDY ELECTIVES (DMC-890) A total of six hours are available for CPE, professional certification, War College studies, or additional seminars available in the Doctor of Ministry program. Students can determine which of the options they will use for their six hours. (DMC-890 = Independent Study): Students choosing an Independent Study elective must register through the Dmin Office before beginning any work related to the Independent Study. DMC-890 Clinical Pastoral Education I (two units of Level II /advanced/residency post-master's degree CPE for 3 hrs) DMC-890 Clinical Pastoral Education II (two units of Level II /advanced/residency postmaster's degree CPE for 3 hrs) DMC-890 CPE I and CPE II may be taken concurrent with the student's Dmin program or nonconcurrent with the student's Dmin program. CPE concurrent means that the student has already been accepted to the Dmin program and will participate in CPE under the auspices of a credible organization such as: ACPE, CAPE, NACC, NAJC or CPSP while enrolled in the Dmin program. In order to receive the 3 credit hours toward completion of the Dmin degree, the student will fulfill the Independent Study requirements under Dr. McCormack's direction concurrent with the CPE participation. Page 10

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